Before I’m joining with Real Community i were afraid to talk in English with the others. In Real Community my confident is growing up to talnk in English with the others. In Real Community i’m learnig extraordinary way. Right brain doctrine. After almost six month of learning i curios to continue my learning in Real Community.
David Iswanto, PT PASS & PT ANTAM, Tbk
It’s community for REAL’s student. This is the new way to learn english so make simple and funny.
Master Teacher will give us how to learn english and upgrade our capability. Learn with RIGHT brain, 30 minute per days, video, etc. Make us to study and learn better.
M. Ramlan Setiawan, Total E&P Indonesia
I have been member of REAL Community for six month. I enjoyed learning English without going to the specific location, because i am very busy.
Dr. Rahmini Shabariah, SpA
Anytime… Anywhere… Keep try to do the best to finish my assignment.
Berly Kurniawan, Total E&P Indonesie
Saya sedang ikut training di htl Marriot.. pesertanya dari negara2 asia. Fasilitatornya dari Pakistan.. in English. Alhamdulillah saya bisa mengikuti materinya..

Thanks REAL.

Marsono Mardi, PT Novartis Indonesia
Thank you akhy risanda you made me note afraid speak in english in front of forum.
(David finally can speak english in front of forum)
David Iswanto, PT PASS & PT ANTAM, Tbk